TaRDIS: Trustworthy and Resilient Decentralised Intelligence for Edge Systems

TaRDIS’s primary goal is to significantly ease the complexity and reduce the effort of building correct and efficient heterogeneous swarms.

TaRDIS focuses on supporting the correct and efficient development of applications for swarms and decentralised distributed systems, by combining a novel programming paradigm with a toolbox for supporting the development and executing of applications.


  • Develop a language-independent, event-driven programming model that offers distribution abstractions and decentralised machine learning primitives.
  • Build a development environment for correct-by-design heterogeneous swarms with embedded semantic analyses to achieve a correctness-by-design approach.                  
  • Develop schemes to support decentralised intelligence for the purpose of heterogeneous swarms.
  • Development of decentralised algorithms and protocols for supporting the TaRDIS programming model at runtime.                    
  • Ensure a high level of interoperability of TaRDIS distribution runtime, a significant number of different devices and programming languages are supported.