Furthering and fostering research and collaboration – University Novi Sad visiting NOVA University Lisbon

During September 19th-30th, 2023, Dr. Miloš Simić, Assistant Professor at Novi Sad University Serbia, with his PhD students, were visiting the NOVA University Lisbon to further the research and developmental work for the TaRDIS project. 

TaRDIS project - University Novi Sad and NOVA University Lisbon partners

Throughout their stay, the team acquainted themselves with the research being conducted by their colleagues at the NOVA University. They met with Dr. Carla Ferreira, Coordinator of the TaRDIS project, Dr. Jõao Leitão, Nuno Preguiça, Jõao Costa Seco and others to explore the potential synergy of the various expertise in areas such as distributed and p2p systems, CRDTs, security, and more. The aim was to identify potential solutions that could be beneficial to the TaRDIS project, regarding tasks and work packages that both teams are involved in.

Additionally, they discussed the possible research directions and possibilities that could pave the way for a long-lasting collaboration between the two universities.