On 12th January 2024, TaRDIS was invited to participate in the DISCOVER-US EU-US Virtual Networking Event entitled “DISCOVER-US: a EU-US bridge for joint research on the edge-cloud compute continuum“. The event was organised by the DISCOVER-US CSA project and the goal was to introduce the current research and innovation projects ongoing in Europe, initiate discussion and foster networking. 

DISCOVER-US is a CSA that wants to foster EU-US pre-competitive collaboration in distributed computing and swarm intelligence. They are organizing brainstorming workshops, networking events, webinars, collaborative research between EU and US teams.

In collaboration with the European Commission, DISCOVER-US organized its first virtual networking event between a selected set of EU swarm projects, and a selected set of US swarm projects on Friday 12 January, 2024.

It was here where TaRDIS project was invited to present the project as well as its pilots and applications.