Public deliverables, project’s updates.

This page gives you the opportunity to download all the public deliverables of the projects once submitted.

Note: All the deliverables published on this page have only been submitted and are waiting for final approval from the European Commission.

Del. #Deliverable nameDelivery date (months)
D1.1Project plan (pdf)M03
D1.3Report on the data management of the projectM36
D2.1Report on the initial requirements analysis from co-design (pdf)M06
D2.2Report on overall requirement analysis (pdf)M12
D2.3Report on architecture specification and evaluation methodologyM18
D3.1Report on the 1st iteration of the application model and APIs (pdf)M12
D3.2First release of TaRDIS development environmentM15
D3.3Report on the 2nd iteration of the application model and APIsM22
D3.4Second release of TaRDIS development environmentM24
D3.5Report on the final iteration of the application model and APIsM32
D3.6Final release of TaRDIS development environmentM36
D4.1Report on the desirable properties for analysis (pdf)M09
D4.2Report on the initial analyses’ toolsetM18
D4.3Report on the final analyses’ toolsetM34
D5.1Initial report on distributed AI and AI-based orchestrationM14
D5.2Second report on Distributed AI and AI-based orchestrationM24
D5.3Final report on distributed AI and AI-based orchestrationM34
D6.1Report and prototype of the 1st iteration of the platformM14
D6.2Report and prototype of the 2nd iteration of the platformM24
D6.3Report and prototype of the final iteration of the platformM34
D7.1Report on the expected improvements and quantification procedures (pdf)M09
D7.2Report on preliminary validation of the toolboxM18
D7.3Report on development of the use cases with TaRDIS toolboxM34
D7.4Report on the final validation of the toolbox and guidelinesM34
D7.5Evaluation reportM36
D8.1Dissemination and communication strategy and plan (pdf)M03
D8.3Outreach activities mid-term reportM18
D8.4Exploitation and sustainability roadmapM36
D8.5Outreach activities final reportM36